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  • The machine is used for cutting holes of various for geometric shapes, and has high production efficiency, and is suitable for mass production and mass production. The machine adopts hydraulic transmission, stable work, can be stepless speed regulation. The machine has automatic and manual  return return form. Various actions can be individually controlled. The machine is operated by a total button station, which is easy to operate. The machine tool can be used for many purposes. The main sliding plate loaded knife specific planar broaching, external broaching, namely external broaching machine function; installation broach holder of broaching, internal broaching machine function; broaching nella available single station or double station or three position; installation provided cutter feed mechanism to achieve automatic send broach.

    Type:internal broaching machine            


    Main metro power:22kW

    Control form:CNC        

    Dynamic type:Hydraulic pressure                 

    Layout form:vertial

    Scope of application:special       

    Applicable industry:currency                  

    Action object:hardware

    Object material:metal